Tributes To Cappi

Captain was a great client - he would always listen to advice and then support consultants to give him the best solutions. He was a gentleman - kind and generous

Seyi Yerokun (Associate Director, PwC)

Cappi's Auditor

I was not fortunate to meet him. I first got to know him when I was very sick and desperate for help. A friend told me he could help, that he was kind-hearted , compassionate and very empathetic. Unfortunately my courage failed me and I couldn't approach him for help.

I read Captain Hosa's account of what happened between him and the governor of Edo state. How he just wanted peace between Oshiomhole , Obaseki and others. Captain wasn't even a member of their political party. Personally, I learned a lot from this story.

May the good Lord continue to rest him eternally and grant those he left behind long life, lives free from sickness.

Odigie Eric Omofoma

A well-wisher and fan of Cappi

On that fateful day, I and a friend had officially gone to make a request to Comrade Oshiomhole on a permanent job placement and I happened to had sat beside him on the round table. On getting informed he was the one I had sat with, because I never knew him until that day, I started up a conversation with him in Bini language. He was warm with hos response and looked very caring and pleased to know i was not there for pleasure.

He paid for my flight back to Lagos and also promised to over see our permanent job request with the comrade. That little gesture shocked me, as I felt he was just kind and generous to strangers, but I was made to understand that he is always like that.

Eternal rest grant him O'Lord and May God give the family the fortitude to bear this great loss 🙏

Abies Osazuwa

One of many "Adopted" Children of Cappi